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From Hemp Seed to Hemp Protein Powder (and everything in between)

Our Tokul cold-press is the heart of the operation here at Kentucky Hemp Works.

After hemp seeds are harvested and dried, their next stop is right here – the cold press, where one seed becomes two parts – Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Protein Powder.

Often confused with CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil is derived solely from hemp seeds and no other parts of the hemp plant.

Often used for animal feed in this form, seed cake is an important part of our process.

Once dry, the seed cake “sticks or pellets” are ground into a fine powder (similar to flour) using a hammer mill and a stone burr mill.

This powder is Hemp Protein Powder — often used in smoothies, cooking, and baking!

Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp Hearts are sometimes mistaken for one another but they are very different things. Hemp Hearts are the soft, central portion of the hemp seed, often called “germ”.

To learn more about crushing hemp seeds for oil (and a million other cool things about hemp), visit our YouTube Channel!

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