2021 Hemp Act – Hemp Economic Mobilization Plan

The hemp industry has had its share of challenges, and we continue to have to fight to make this new crop a success.

The Hemp Act will make several simple changes that can be a major boom for farmers, labs, and transportation companies.

✔ Raising the THC limits to 1% allows more flexibility with finished hemp products that contain trace amounts of THC.

✔ Moving THC testing off the farm and onto finished products will protect farmers and end the needless destruction of hemp crops.

✔ Defending transportation companies means no more truck drivers going to jail for transporting legal hemp crops or products.

✔ Standardizing THC regulations on laboratories will allow them to generate accurate information for consumers and regulators.

These 4 issues were raised most frequently during open comment opportunities, so we are grateful to Senator Rand Paul for being a leader and putting Kentucky farm families first.

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