100% Hemp Protein Powder


Kentucky Hemp Works protein powder is a raw, vegan source of key nutrients like Omega fatty acids, fiber, and protein.  We start by crushing hemp seeds using a cold-press, squeezing out the rich vegetable oil contained within the seeds.  The dry, leftover seed cake is refined to the consistency of a whole grain flour using a hammer mill followed by a stone-burr mill.  Our grinding process is strictly mechanical and does not use any chemicals or agents.

Hemp protein is a highly digestible replacement for whey or soy protein powders without the undesirable effects like indigestion from lactose or high levels of estrogen from soy.  Hemp seed contains minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc, and is safe for humans and animals of all ages.  The FDA considers hemp seeds to be GRAS, or Generally Recognized As Safe, and our seed products do not contain any CBD or THC.

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