Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil




Like our protein powder, Kentucky Hemp Works hemp seed oil is expelled from hemp seeds using a mechanical cold-press. We NEVER use hexane or other dangerous solvents.  Hemp seed oil is the base for most of our products because it contains valuable nutrients like magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron.  This green oil is bottled refreshment for your skin — you can even replace your daily moisturizer with just a few drops of hemp seed oil.  Hemp seed oil is also high in Omega fatty acids and makes a great alternative to fish and flaxseed oils.  Our hemp seed oil is cold-pressed and has a low flash point.  This means that although it is suitable for some cooking, we advise against using it for high temperature cooking like deep frying or the seed oil could burn.  Try baking with it instead, or use it as an ingredient in salad dressing.  Add it to your Bulletproof Coffee instead of MCT, or simply eat a small amount as-is to quickly get your daily boost of Omegas.

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