Kentucky grown, Kentucky made, Kentucky proud

Kentucky Hemp Works

Kentucky Hemp Works is currently on the leading edge of providing locally-grown, handcrafted hemp products for health and wellness. Our company began with a vision of healing bodies and minds with hemp, while providing raw materials for others to pursue their dreams. We start with hemp grown in Christian County, KY, process it in-house, and manufacture items on location. This is truly a farm-to-table endeavor where our hemp is grown, processed and manufactured on the same farm.

Our team is a family-driven endeavor. Three generations work together to create an environment that is friendly, transparent, and fun. Although some of our teammates aren’t related to us, they are as close as family and share a stake in the outcome as well. We are proud of our down-to-Earth nature and flexibility that can only come from a vertically-integrated process and an ethical business model.

Our Family
Friends of Kentucky Hemp Works
We‘re super proud of all our friends' achievements here at Kentucky Hemp Works! Whether they are Kentucky based or connected to us through our efforts to promote hemp awareness, discover more about Friends of KHW below:

A cause close to KHW’s heart, Meatloaf’s Kitchen incorporates our 100% Hemp Protein Powder into all her delicious custom-made doggy cakes and treats. Whatever the occasion, pastry chef and cake creator Melanie Stracko can create wonderful cakes and dog treats for your picky pup!


Meatloaf’s Kitchen

Since the return of hemp to the Commonwealth under the pilot program in 2014, the Kentucky Hempsters platform has evolved into an online and grassroots community of hemp supporters, advocates, partners and leaders across the state and country, working together to promote hemp across the globe.

“As Kentucky continues to remain on the forefront of hemp legalization, research, and commercialization, we are proud to offer a voice to the Kentucky hemp industry, and a portal for those looking to become educated, supportive, or actively involved. Thank you to all of those who have been a part of this journey so far, and welcome to those of you who are just getting started! We look forward to helping you connect with the past, present and future of Kentucky Hemp.”


Kentucky Hempsters


MB Roland Distillery is a completely “grain to glass” craft distillery located in Pembroke, Christian Co. KY. Operating from a once-Amish run farm, it has expanded from a one person operation in 2009 to a full-scale operation which employs 14 people.


MB Roland Distillery


Goodwood Beer is a fun, bright, and vibrant brewery owned and operated out of Louisville, KY. Renowned for their quality and consistency, they produce a wide range of ales and beers to satisfy even the most refined beer palettes. Their aromatic Hemp Gose Ale is delicious!


Goodwood Distillery


Our friends at Olde Town Distillery definitely know a thing or two about a good brew! They have taken classic moonshining techniques to create a local western KY grown, processed and distilled Moonshine -just like prohibition era!


Olde Town Distillery