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Hand sanitizer isn’t something we thought we would ever sell, but we saw an important need for more hydration! Constant hand washing and sanitizer use is hard on our skin, and strips our hands of natural, protective oils. We started adding hemp seed oil to our own hand sanitizer for some of that healing moisture that comes from rich, green hemp seed oil.

Now — for as long as supplies last — we wish to provide you with locally grown, locally processed and manufactured hand sanitizer, infused with hemp seed oil!

This sanitizer is being produced through our partnership with Casey Jones Distillery, a local distillery in Christian County, using a WHO-recommended recipe.  The main ingredient of the sanitizer is ethanol which is made from corn grown by local farmers in Western Kentucky.  The ethanol plant that produces the ethanol, Commonwealth Agri-Energy, is a local cooperative where farmers have a stake in the production of corn and the success of the ethanol plant.  The secondary ingredient in the sanitizer is… you guessed it, KHW Hemp Seed Oil.

8 oz glass bottle

**Due to supply chain issues on bottles, quantities are limited.




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