Hemp Homeschool – Lesson 28: Cooking with Corrinna

Once you’ve caught your fish, cleaned it, and prepared it for cooking, there’s only one thing left to do before providing dinner for your family!

A huge thank you to Corrinna of Renn Restaurant in Cincinatti for cooking with us and sharing your knowledge! Corrinna will share with us how to cook a filet of fish with Hemp Pesto and fettuccine.

This recipe uses KHW Hemp Hearts as well as KHW Hemp Seed Oil.

We hope that this series has been helpful for not only the pursuit of knowledge about hemp, but the pursuit of knowledge about self-sufficiency (and adulting.)

Many kids and adults in the U.S. aren’t informed about their food; Where it comes from, how it got there, and how to prepare it. We hope that these videos will not only help you to incorporate hemp into your diet, but also build valuable life skills in the process. Wherever you buy your food, try your best to incorporate local, small producers into your everyday shopping.

Life skills like fishing and cooking are important, but also building relationships with your neighbors to barter and trade goods and better understand our food supply.

Thank you to all of our friends and KHW Family for being a part of our Teach A Kid to Fish series this week, and every day!


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For a printable copy of the recipe in this video, email us at info@kentuckyhempworks.com.




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