Hemp Homeschool – Lesson 27: Bluegill Basics with Kentucky fisherman, LeVar Daniel

The next episode of our Teach A Kid to Fish Series involves two very special guys from Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

LeVar Daniel is a long time friend, and one of our sponsored fishermen. He’s been fishing around here his whole life, both for sport and to help feed families in his community.  LeVar assisted us in the development of our Fish Attractant and Fish Chum!

His fishing buddy Mr. Big stopped by to hang out, and we appreciate him helping out with the video as well!

LeVar agreed to bring us to the lake to share some of his knowledge on catching *and* cleaning a Bluegill, and to fully harvest and utilize every part of the fish.  If fish guts gross you out, you can skip that part at the very end. But it’s good information to have in case of emergencies or zombie apocalypse!

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