Hemp Homeschool – Lesson 14: Hemp Facial Masks

Please welcome today’s substitute teacher, Alyssa Erickson. Alyssa and her business partner, Kirstin Bohnert, make up the Kentucky Hempsters.  Alyssa is also the graphic designer here at KHW.

KHW and the Hempsters have teamed up on a number of endeavors over the years — we’ll be sharing some of our stories in the coming weeks!

Today Alyssa shows us how she uses KHW Hemp Seed Oil and KHW Hemp Protein Powder to create an all-natural, hydrating facial mask!

? You’ll need the following ingredients:

▶️ 1/4C KHW Hemp Protein Powder
▶️ 1oz KHW Hemp Seed Oil
▶️ 1/8C brown sugar
▶️ lemon zest

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