Welcome to Kentucky Hemp Works

Thanks for visiting Kentucky Hemp Works! We are excited to share with you some of what we’ve been producing since 2014, when Congress passed a FARM Bill amendment allowing State Departments of Agriculture and Universities to grow hemp.

We’ve been working our tails off for years, both behind the scenes and at the forefront of the new Kentucky Hemp Industry with 2 goals always in mind.

1. Create jobs — Job creation has always been the focus of our call for legal hemp, and is a big part of why we do what we do. Not only do we want to provide new, high paying hemp industry jobs, but also to give Kentucky farmers more options for crops to replace the ailing tobacco industry.

2. Get young people excited about agriculture — The average age of the Kentucky farmer is 65 years and rising every day. We’ve spent the last decade educating and motivating young people to get involved in hemp technology, hemp farming, and numerous ancillary industries that use hemp to produce better, more Earth-friendly products.

Now we are in a position where we are meeting both of those goals, and far exceeding anything we ever expected. We started Kentucky Hemp Works with a half acre of hemp, a handful of roots, and an idea (plus 17 entire dollars in private investment.) Now we’ve grown into our position as Kentucky’s leading hemp processing and manufacturing company creating jobs and opportunities for many Kentucky small businesses — like the ones listed on our Friends Page

We are excited to share with you 2017’s crop, sprawling across 130 acres and 8,000 square feet of greenhouse growing space. This crop was blessed by the Great American Eclipse on August 21, so we wanted to commemorate this exciting 2 minutes and 40 seconds of Total Eclipse by sharing our #EclipseHemp with the world.

Check out our newest video below, it’s a culmination of years of hard work, and the beginning of much more excitement and many more dreams to be fulfilled in the future! I hope you enjoy the stellar videography from local rising star Hunter Ezell as much as we enjoyed filming it!

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