New pesticide approved by the EPA

Attention Kentucky hemp producers ????????➡️

Did you know the EPA approved the pesticide “Heligen” to be used on industrial hemp in Kentucky? It is meant to aid in control of corn earworm, cotton bollworm and tobacco budworm, which effected a lot of hemp crops this season. Guess we can call it the “hempworm” too! While hemp producers are responsible for determining which pesticides can be used and in what manner, growers are encouraged to work with processors or purchasers to decide what will be acceptable before applying this or any product.

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!!DISCLAIMER‼️ Kentucky Hemp Works has not used, and does not intend to use, Heligen on any of our hemp crops. This information is solely for the knowledge and benefit of Kentucky hemp farmers seeking a last resort to help control these infestations. It’s also important for processors to know whether or not Heligen has been used on the hemp crops they are purchasing!

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