Homemade Hand Soap

Since the entire world is on the topic of hand washing, we thought it would be a good time to share the homemade hand soap we use around here.

We made a few changes since the last time we shared it and you can modify it according to your preferences, but this is the recipe that works best for us.

➡️2 TBSP of soap might be enough for your family but we usually have some grubby hands so we use 3 TBSP.

➡️If you have dry skin, you may want to increase the hemp seed oil to 2 TBSP but we found that 1 TBSP was plenty for us (and we also don’t have to add as many drops of essential oils to get the desired scent when we reduce the amount of hemp seed oil).

? A 2017 study found that hemp seed oil’s antibacterial properties inhibited the activity of various bacteria, including MRSA. ~National Institutes of Health.

?Because this doesn’t contain an emulsifier, it will separate while at rest – just give it a little shake before each use and you’re good to go!

So, whether you believe the Coronavirus is a massive hoax designed to crash the stock market or it’s the start of the zombie apocalypse, we should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be washing our hands!

I mean…have you ever SEEN a zombie’s hands? ?‍♂️?