ANNOUNCING… tamper evident lids and graduated droppers!

We’ve officially started to phase in tamper evident lids and graduated droppers on most of our CBD bottles so you may notice the change on your next purchase.

All CBD bottles (except the 15ml/250mg) will now have “tamper evident” lids. When the seal is broken, the bottom ring is separated from the rest of the lid so you will know for sure that nobody opened your bottle before you do! Unfortunately, the 15ml bottles aren’t compatible with the tamper evident cap so we will still be using the heat seals on that size.

All sizes and strengths will now have graduated droppers with .25ml, .50ml, .75ml, and 1.0ml markings. Our recommended method of dosing will not change – we will continue to recommend that users manage their dose by counting individual drops, but we get a lot of requests for the graduated droppers. You asked, we listened!

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