Hemp Root Salve Pack

☀️Hemp Talk – Summer Skin and Hair ☀️

We all love that sun-kissed glow and natural highlights, but let’s face it, our skin and hair can take a beating in the warmer months.

We told you to try our Hemp Root Salve on anything that “hurts, burns or itches” and there’s a lot that hurts, burns, and itches our skin in the summer!

* If you’re a beach bum or boater, keep a tin of salve in your cooler to calm the sting of sun or wind burn.

* If hiking in the woods is more your thing, pick up a travel size salve to keep in your backpack. It can help ease itching from bug bites.

* If you love the feel of the Earth under your feet and often go barefoot, your feet probably suffer because of it. Rub some on those hard, cracked areas, especially your heels. Your strappy sandals will never look better!

Our cold-pressed hemp seed oil is also great to keep on hand! Store it in the fridge for optimal freshness and the coolness will be soothing in the summer heat.

Hemp seed oil has an SPF rating of 6 and can help deflect some UV rays without lessening the absorption of Vitamin D (often the case with chemical sunscreen). It’s also one of few oils that can be used on skin without clogging pores.

Hemp seed oil is also A-MA-ZING for your hair! Not only can it stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair which helps prevent breakage, it also moisturizes your hair and scalp. #BeardsAreHairToo

* Work some through your hair after a day in the sun.

* If the kids are spending their entire summer in the pool, the chlorine will take a toll. Run some through their hair once a week after a shower.

It’s also fantastic for controlling frizz and flyaways. #CanIGetAnAmen

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