Talking to your Parents about Cannabis

A few years ago, we posted an article called “Talking to Kids about Cannabis” but we’ve never talked about how to bring up this conversation with our parents or grandparents.

With cannabis in some form being legal in every state, many young people are extremely comfortable talking about cannabis while the more mature generations still get our “Reefer Madness” references and cannabis may still feel intimidating to them.

Quite often we see posts from people suffering with various health issues and we always wonder if they’ve tried cannabis as an option. Many of them haven’t but it’s sometimes not because they don’t want to. Most of them have no idea where to start or still feel some sort of stigma surrounding cannabis use.

➡️We’ve put together a few thoughts to help you get the conversation started:

✔️Start with the basics. Ask them what they know about cannabis and how they feel about it.

✔️Talk about the cannabis laws in their state.

✔️Discuss the various ways that people presently use cannabis. Lots of people aren’t aware that things like cannabis tinctures even exist.

✔️If you have a personal story or testimony, share it with them. But, also understand that they may not feel comfortable sharing their personal experiences with you.

✔️Offer to help them choose a product from a company you trust, speak to their physician with them or accompany them to a dispensary.

If you feel uncomfortable starting this conversation, just remind the teenager inside you that you’re about to have a conversation with your parents about using cannabis, and have a little giggle. They say always open with a joke, even if it is an inside joke! ?

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