Hemp Homeschool Lesson 2: Hemp Roots

Today’s Hemp Homeschool class is all about the hemp roots.  Roots were the first part of the plant that we started to work with here at Kentucky Hemp Works and they remain an integral ingredient in many of our products.

Highlights from today’s video:

  • Hemp roots have been used for relief of joint pain (arthritis, gout, etc.) for at least 2000 years and were even used for relief of pain during childbirth
  • In more recent times, hemp roots have been used in plumbing fixtures
  • Sailors were known to use hemp roots to caulk holes in their ships – they called it oakum.

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Tonight’s homework:

Hemp Homeschool - Hemp Roots Worksheet

Hemp Roots word search worksheet.

Plumbing section of Kentucky Law which allows use of hemp roots in plumbing products

Advanced students: NIH research and links

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