Hemp for Animal Feed

If you know us at Kentucky Hemp Works, you know we are always striving to open up new and innovative markets.

While the majority of the hemp industry is focused on CBD, we are looking at the roots, seeds, and stalks, and finding unique ways for people to use them.

The food side of our work is very similar.  While we have spent the last 5 years encouraging people to “eat their hemp,” we’ve also been feeding it to our furry, feathered, and scaled friends.  But, there’s still a long way to go before federal regulators allow hemp to be sold into animal markets, specifically to animals in the food supply.

So, even though there are horses, pigs, chickens, and dogs all over our neighborhood eating hemp and loving it, we can’t actually market it as animal feed.  That’s frustrating, especially since we can feed it to humans all day long!

There are; however, quite a few pioneers in our nation’s colleges and universities who are taking on the monumental task of doing peer-reviewed research on hemp as animal feed.

➡️One of those schools is Murray State University, an institute of higher learning with a fantastic Agricultural program, with over a century of combined knowledge from their Ag professors and their Dean, Tony Brannon (aka Dean Hemp!)

Murray is also one of the first schools in the nation to publish studies on using hemp as chicken feed using Kentucky grown hemp!

⬇️ Check out that study here ⬇️


?Please share and spread the word that hemp as a legal feed stock is on the horizon!! ???


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