Call to Action! House Bill 506

We have some BIG news that could change the entire Kentucky hemp industry!

Late last week, a bill was filed in the Kentucky State House that would allow for the sale of “combustible” hemp material.  Long story short, House Bill 506 is a smokeable flower bill.  It doesn’t just include *smoking* hemp though, it would allow *any* floral sales, so it also includes pelletized hemp fuel for pellet stoves, post-extraction floral material for mixing into animal feed, hemp tea for human consumption, composite materials made from hemp leaves, and hemp flower to be mixed into foods to add to the nutritional benefits, etc.

We are constantly stressing the importance of a healthy diet to prevent the necessity of using cannabis as medicine.  One of our goals is to improve everyone’s diet by incorporating hemp seeds into their food.  But there is more to this plant than meets the eye.  Incorporating fresh or dried hemp flower into your diet ensures that you’re getting the raw, healthy acids that make up a good portion of the cannabinoids (pre-combustion.)  Without going into too much chemistry (you can check our Cannabinoid Series for more info) this would mean a sudden increase in the amount of food products that we could potentially create from hemp grown right here in Kentucky.

Many of you have asked us about buying hemp pre-rolls, cigarettes, or flower in stores across Kentucky, or if we will ever sell hemp buds, microgreens, or pellets.  The truth is, right now it’s illegal based on state regulations.

This has to change!  Kentucky has the power to do it, but it’s going to take everyone’s help!  Please consider calling your legislator at the LRC Hotline, 800-372-7181 and asking them to support House Bill 506.  If you want to go into more detail you can email them at  If you aren’t sure who your legislator is, just call the Hotline and the staff there will help ID your rep and senator.

Here are some other things you can do…

-Put a post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (or save this post and share it, we aren’t shy!)

-Go through your contact list in your phone and text family and friends who you think will make a quick 2 minute phone call to support Kentucky farmers.

-Contact your local newspaper or radio station (on social media or in person).  Even writing a Letter to the Editor is a great way to spread the word.  If you need help with that, we can help you!

Please… share, share, share!!!

This isn’t about Kentucky Hemp Works!  This is about doing right by our farmers, small mom-and-pop businesses, and putting Kentucky on an even playing field with the rest of the country.

Thank you!

The KHW Team