Hemp Firestarters


Hemp Firestarters


Our homemade, natural firestarters are practical and good for the environment.

These homemade hemp starters were produced using our first ever hemp crop from Pembroke, KY way back in 2014. The natural hemp hurds and fibers have been blended with hemp oil and wax to create these super environmentally friendly firestarters.

All natural means they're great for environment. They also burn for up to 15 minutes - even in the rain! Perfect for the BBQ, campfire or stove all year round. 

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These firestarters are handmade in our factory. We combined previously unusable hemp fibres with our special homemade oil to create these very eco-friendly firestarters. Benefits include;

- Burn for a full 15 minutes before dying out

- Lightable even in wet weather!

- All natural products mean no harmful chemicals released into the environment 

Come rain or shine - our hemp oil firestarters make it easy to get your fire lit, whatever the conditions!