Hemp Homeschool - Intro to the hemp plant
Hemp Homeschool Lesson 1: Intro to the Hemp Plant

In our first Hemp Homeschool lesson, Katie gives us an overview of the hemp plant.

A few highlights from today’s video:

  • The plant in the video is a female hemp plant
  • Hemp is in the same family as hops and mulberry trees.
  • Clusters of leaves on hemp plants will always be an odd number.
  • Hemp is referred to as the “buffalo of plants” because, historically, buffalo hunters had a use for all parts of the buffalo and nothing was wasted.  Similarly, all parts of the hemp plant have a use so nothing is ever wasted!

Check out the video on Facebook or YouTube.

Tonight’s homework:

~Review this graphic on the various uses of the parts of the hemp plant.

~Watch the video Hemp Harvest at Kentucky Hemp Works

~For more advanced students, we suggest this article about 4H students growing hemp in the 1940s.





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