Elijah’s Story

We met Elijah and his mom, Shannon, about a year ago after a friend of Shannon’s introduced her to CBD Oil and suggested she try it for Elijah.

Elijah is a nine year old with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and an Intellectual Disability.

In the past, Elijah would become aggressive when he was overwhelmed, particularly with loud noises. The two most triggering noises for Elijah were dogs barking or kids crying/screaming loudly.

School was difficult for Elijah and would often result in emotional meltdowns that Shannon refers to as “Red Zoning”. Elijah would hit, pinch, head butt, and pull hair. Calming him was nearly impossible.

Events outside the classroom were overwhelming for Elijah, as well. The lights that project upward from the gym floor were scary. Picture day, with all of the new devices, surroundings, noises, and people, was too much for him. Shannon often comments that she had never had a school picture of Elijah before CBD Oil.

Friends and family members would find themselves “getting prepared” to spend time with Elijah by making sure their hair was tied back and they weren’t wearing long earrings because if Elijah “Red Zoned”, these were things he could grab and potentially hurt himself or someone else.

Shannon says she would pray, “God please help my son learn a way to cope with his sensory.” She feared that others would become afraid of Elijah. She also couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when he became bigger and stronger than her. Shannon felt like she was working against the clock.

In March, 2018, while trying to wean Elijah off medication due to negative side effects, he had a series of Red Zone meltdowns. After learning more about CBD Oil and speaking to Elijah’s doctor, she decided to give it a try. Shannon says that is the day God answered her prayer.

After giving Elijah just a few drops of CBD Oil, Shannon noticed immediate results. After the first dose, Shannon and a few friends when shopping with Elijah. During the trip, there was a situation where another child was screaming loudly and Elijah didn’t get upset, as he normally would have.

In the first few months, after figuring out the dose that worked well for Elijah, Shannon continued to see changes. One day when Elijah was feeling upset (a situation that may have otherwise caused him to Red Zone), he went to Shannon and said “I want nice hands”. To Shannon that meant that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He didn’t want to hit, pinch or pull hair. To Shannon, this was a huge breakthrough!

Over the past year, Shannon has continued to keep us updated on Elijah’s progress. She regularly sends pictures of him doing things that he wasn’t able to do before starting CBD Oil.

He has become comfortable playing sports with his peers. Last Halloween, he led his class in the Halloween parade around the gym laughing and dancing! Elijah played basketball and bowled in the Hopkins County Special Olympics. These are large events, with a lot of people and loud noises. Through them all, Shannon says Elijah handled himself very well.

In 2017, Shannon took Elijah to the You are a Star Special Needs Pageant to cheer his friends on. The large crowd and noise was difficult for him. In 2018, Elijah not only participated in the You are a Star Special Needs Pageant but he won First Place!!!!

This month marks one year since Elijah Red Zoned.

He and Shannon celebrated with a photo shoot because being in front of a camera is no longer overwhelming to Elijah.

What Shannon wants you to know…

CBD Oil has helped my son to enjoy his childhood. Don’t get me wrong, the CBD Oil did not take his Autism away. He has bad days just like any other child. He gets upset. He may even try to hit. But the intensity of his meltdowns have gone down tremendously! I am able to talk to him to calm him. He remembers to do his breathing exercises or excuses himself to another room or uses headphones to separate himself from noise. He is able to think through his actions. If he does hit, he is easily redirected.

At Elijah’s last school behavioral meeting, his teacher reported that he has not Red Zoned since last year. She said that she can tell when the CBD Oil wears off during the day.

Elijah has not Red Zoned at home since last March, as well. His stress level has gone down so much. The CBD Oil has brought a peace to him. When a dog barks he still doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t Red Zone.

Elijah has been almost completely weaned off two medications and one medication has decreased since being on CBD Oil.

CBD Oil has brought my son more peace than he’s ever felt and so much hope to this mommy for her baby boy!

**Contents of this post do not constitute medical advice**

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