Hemp Root Salve (Lrg) WS

Hemp Root Salve (Lrg) WS


Our very first product, and one we're most proud of, is our Hemp Roots Salve pot. 

Our hemp is grown in the heart of western KY. It's cultivated and extracted into a hemp seed oil which we combine with natural beeswax and some essential oils to create our original Hemp Roots Salve. 

Use generously on any aching bones and joints, alleviate any burns and itching or apply to shoulders for some serious end-of-the-day relaxation.

Kentucky Hemp Works Root Salve is perfect for anyone looking to relax and soothe their bodies in a natural, good living way. 

You can buy a smaller pot here, or a travel sized version here. 

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Our very first product, the Hemp Roots Salve was created in 2016 by our founder Katie Moyer. Some of the key properties of this product include;

- Hemp seeds; good for ...